1. Can I add exercise sessions or talks to my ticket at a later date?

Of course!  But you must have bought a General Admission ticket first.

2.  Does a Saturday day time ticket allow me to attend the Root to Fruit Banquet in the evening?

A Saturday day ticket allows you into the festival from 9.30am - 6.00pm.  Re-entry is not allowed.  We ask you to come drink cocktails and hang out, but if you haven't got a ticket to our Charity Supper Club, we would love you to leave by 6.00pm. 

You can't attend any talks or fitness sessions without a General Admission ticket, however you can buy a ticket to the supper club alone (without a Saturday or Sunday General Admission).

3. Do I need to book into the free talks on FH Discusses, FH Inspires and the workshops on the Have-a-Go areas?

We do not like exclusivity and we want everyone to be able to experience everything.  So these experiences are open to everyone and do not have walls.  So, come, gather round and listen up!

4. If I don't book myself into a talk or exercise session, will there be enough for me to do?

So much!  We have 2 stages (Fare Healthy Inspires & Fare Healthy Discusses) that are open to everyone. And they're open plan so there's plenty of room for people to gather round and listen in. 

Then there are two "Have a Go" areas, where we invite you to sit down and take part in a number of workshops throughout the day.  On top of that, we've got the fabulous Kitchen Demo stage which will play host to some of our favourite chefs and personalities.

There's also our Kids Zone, Nutritionists' Café, a Book Shop with signings and of course food, drink and shopping every direction you look!

5. What are the opening times?

The schedule runs from 10.00am - 5.45pm every day, but the doors open at 9.30am and close at 6.00pm.

6. How do I get to the Truman Brewery?

Please have a look at our map on our page "Getting There".  Fare Healthy's entrance is on Brick Lane.

7. Is it indoors or outdoors?

The festival is indoors and will be heated, but wrap up all the same!

8. What can my kids do in the Kids Zone?

We're lining up informal demos & talks in there all day.  Bring the kids to come and try some cooking & get messy. 

The Kids Zone will provide activities for the little ones, but it is not a crèche. Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times.

9. Self Love Surgery?  That sounds cool, what's that?

We're offering you the chance to come and chat with expert dieticians and nutritional therapists over a cosy cuppa.  The sessions are free and will be 20 minute nutritional nuggets!

You'll be able to book the slots in January when we release the schedule.  We'll email you!

10. Do you do group discounts, concessions or weekend tickets?

I'm afraid not.  We have agonised over the ticket price: we're so keen to make Fare Healthy accesible to everyone, whilst still trying to put on the best show possible.

11. Do you allow children for free? Dogs?

Under 5's are free.  Dogs allowed as long as they like yoga (... joking! Absolutely no dogs … no pets at all in fact). Kids Under 12 can come along for £10 only.

12. Will there be somewhere to leave luggage, pushchairs, kitchen sinks?

Sadly not.  Please travel light!  We're using every inch of our incredible space to entertain you!

13. Can I buy tickets on the door?

If we have any space, absolutely!  Standard tickets will be £30 on the door and VIP tickets £60.

14. Can I buy extra sessions on the day?

If they aren't sold out, of course. We'll let you know in advance what's up for grabs and how to buy them.

15. Will there be showers?  Where do I leave my stuff during my workout?

The venue doesn't have showers, but we'll make sure your belongings are safely guarded for you during your exercise.

16. Do I really get a free talk or exercise session included if I buy a VIP ticket?

Yes you do. 

Please note that 12:00 Ella Mills, 13:00 The Waste Band (Saturday Main Stage) and 12:00 The Power of the Vegetable and 14:00 Skye Gyngell & Anna Jones (Sunday Main Stage) are not available free of charge to VIPs.  You can of course still buy them on top of your freebie. 

As a VIP,  you will receive priority booking to the more popular talks, as well as being the first to know if we release more seats.

17. Do I need to print my ticket out?

No, showing the bar code on your phone is good enough - though print outs are cool too.

18. Will I be able to refund my ticket?

Our policy is no refunds, sorry if that causes any inconvenience to you.  Try and resell it in January as it's likely to be a sought after item!  But please respect our terms & conditions when it comes to resale.

19. Will cards be accepted or do I need to bring cash?

Cash is always a good idea, particularly for buying food and drinks. Many of the exhibitors will take cards, but don't rely on it.