OH SO GOOD FOR YOUR GUT: Lucy Whigham & Millie Hancock (@Slimming Millie); hosted by Lorna Blount 12.00 - 12.45



Probiotic chocolate, OhSo Chocolate, are hosting this talk, in which Lucy and Millie will be discussing all things Probiotics & Gut Health with Lorna Blount!

Lucy Whigham is a Specialist Gastro Dietitian at Imperial College NHS Trust and has worked in private practice in Harley Street since 2010, seeing patients for a variety of conditions but specialising in disorders of the gut.  Lucy is passionate about her clinical work and has a wide range of experience. She specialises in nutritional gastroenterology and has a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease, functional gut disorders (including using a low FODMAPTM diet for IBS symptoms), probiotics and their therapeutic usage and nutrition support. Lucy has worked on multiple gastroenterology related research projects and co-developed national guidelines (NICE) for the dietary treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

From theory to practise ...

Millie Hancock (aka @slimmingmillie) has a truly inspirational story.  

In her own words: "At 19 years of age, I weighed a tremendous 304lbs. I spent, what should have been, the best years of my life overweight, knowing I needed to change – and trying to – but failing.

Every single Monday I’d start a new ‘diet’ and every single Tuesday I’d have given up. This carried on for a good few years (in which the weight piled on)… Until I learnt it was all about a change in lifestyle, rather than the fad diets I was restarting each week. I learnt that I could lose weight, whilst eating all the foods I loved (in a lighter, more nutritious way)… Including chocolate!

One year on from this realisation, I’m 126lbs down, gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12 and a thousand times happier and healthier than I once was… All because I achieved that “balance” that I’d always heard about, a balance that allows one to eat all the cravings, whilst still feeling good on the inside and out."

Lorna Blount is a world-renowned journalist with more than a decade of experience in some of the world's most influential media organisations across the globe.

Previously at Sky News, she currently works at BBC World News in London as a multi platform producer and journalist. Passionate about health and fitness, she covers latest social media trends and developments in the industry. 

In her spare time, she travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas speaking, teaching and advising companies and journalists on how to make social news content on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.