FROM KITCHEN TO SHELF: GET YOUR PRODUCT OUT THERE with Joe Benn (Ugly Drinks), Pip Murray (Pip & Nut) & Charlie Thuillier (OPPO Ice Cream) 10.00 - 10.45

FH INSPIRES: Sunday 10.00 - 10.45

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from kitchen to shelf: Get your product out there

We’re so excited to welcome these three entrepreneurs to our FH Discusses stage where they'll be talking about the trials and tribulations of bringing their product to market.

Pippa Murray founded Pip & Nut off the back of one great love and one profound hate: peanut butter and energy gels. As a marathon runner, Pip did not like gels and energy bars routinely swallowed by runners both in training and on race day. Discovering that her all time favourite peanut butter did in fact have amazing nutritional value, she founded a brand that celebrates all things nutty while offering a nutritional energy kick. Turns out, EVERYONE loves peanut butter and her huge success is as much down to her beautifully natural and utterly delicious product as it is to her wonderful charm and personality. 

Joe Benn, the Co-founder of drinks start-up Ugly Drinks. Ugly think you’re sweet enough already and have created a range of 100% natural fruit infused sparkling waters with no sugar, no sweetener, no calories and no artificial ingredients. Previous to launching Ugly, Joe was the first employee at Vita Coco Coconut Water in the UK where he spent 4 years and left as Head of Impulse Sales. Before that he was a European Food Scout.

In 2011 Charlie Thuillier and his brother Harry broke the unofficial world record for the longest distance travelled by kite - 1000km along the North East coast of Brazil. They ran out of food so lost 8kg in 2 weeks. This led them to find local superfoods to eat, which tasted fantastic whilst being incredibly healthy.

Returning home Charlie moved onto his brother’s sofa and quit his job to make the most indulgent food healthy. Just like he had found in Brazil. Oppo was born. It took a painstaking 25 months of research, four start-up grants and just £1.05 left in the bank account before he made the impossible possible, creating the world’s healthiest dairy ice cream, and Europe’s first (and only) ice cream which can legally be called ‘healthy’. Harry joined formally and Oppo ice cream launched October 2014. Now stocked in 1600 sites across the UK including Waitrose, Wholefoods, Ocado, Budgens, Holland & Barrett and Co-Op; key awards include: Great Taste Award, Guardian UK ‘Start Up of the Year', Innovation of the Year, World’s fastest FMCG company to reach target on crowdfunding, Finalist in ‘Best New Business and Brand’ at World Food Innovation Award

TRIBE presents: Run for Love II 11.00 - 11.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 11.00 - 11.45

Run for love ii

Inspired by their love of Ultra running and spirit for adventure, Guy, Tom & Rob ditched their corporate careers to launch TRIBE - a natural performance nutrition brand and athletic community. The guys founded the brand in 2015 following a 1000 mile run across Eastern Europe. Frustrated with the synthetic and sugar-filled sports nutrition products, they set out to develop performance nutrition from natural ingredients built to provide key nutrients pre and post workout.  

Julian Harvie will speak to TRIBE founders Guy, Tom & Rob about their story and talk about their next community challenge, "Run for Love II" - an endurance adventure of a lifetime from Sarajevo to London, as well as answering any questions you have on nutrition.

BODY IMAGE PANEL TALK: Mel Wells & Holli Rubin; hosted by Chessie King 12.00 - 12.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.45

body image panel talk

With Mel Wells, Health and Eating Psychology Coach and Holli Rubin, Psychotherapist and Body Image Specialist; hosted by Chessie King, Health and Fitness Influencer.

We are all knowledgable on how your health and wellbeing are affected by what you eat and how you move, but very few of us actually take into consideration how we think.

The psychology and mindset around our bodies, the food we eat and how we approach exercise are of equal importance when it comes to our health.

Chessie King, Health and Fitness Influencer and positive body image campaign, talks to experts in body image, Mel Wells and Holli Rubin about how our mindset can affect our health and why finding balance is crucial for your future happiness and health.

Mel Wells is a Health and Eating Psychology Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of The Goddess Revolution, published with Hay House. She dedicates her time to helping thousands of women worldwide ditch dieting for good, and love their bodies, while forming healthy relationships with food, far away from yoyo-ing or emotional eating. Mel also specialises in coaching women with disordered eating, emotional eating and body image, and runs Goddess Retreats at her home in Bali.

As featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, BBC Radio 1, Forbes, The Guardian and The Telegraph, Mel’s message is all about helping women to look beyond their nutrition – and focus on healing their entire mindset and psychology around food and their bodies, so they can find total freedom, live completely at peace with their food, and create the life of their dreams.

Holli Rubin is a psychotherapist and body image specialist who has dedicated her career to helping people feel more comfortable with how they look and who they are ultimately enabling them to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Be it working with adolescents going through puberty, fitness bloggers on managing body image discomfort online or new mothers adapting to their roles and new identity; Body image is the lens through which Holli helps her clients.

Chessie King is a London-based health and fitness influencer, presenter, creator of C.Krets, and popcorn fanatic! Infecting the social media world with her energy and smile, @ChessieKingg has earned herself over 73,000+ followers on Instagram alone with a current growth rate of over 4000 new followers per month. 2017 will see Chessie continue her social influence as well as hosting high profile events such as the UK Blog Awards.

2016 has seen the formation of Two Peas in a Bod. A collaboration with her friend and co-influencer Healthy Chef Steph. Taking the health and fitness world by storm, with their high energy workout videos, fitness tips, recipes and behind the scenes footage of their lives. Two Peas in a Bod have already started working on some incredible brand deals including becoming Brand Ambassadors for Nike Women and JD Women.

HOW TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL BRAND: Danielle Copperman, The Hardihood and Imelda Burke; hosted by Lauren Armes 14.00 – 14.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 14.00 - 14.45

how to build a beautiful brand

with Danielle Copperman, founder of Qnola and Model Mangetout, Leah Garwood-Gowers and Daisy Kristiansen, founders of The Hardihood, and Imelda Burke, founder of Content Beauty.

It’s one thing to have a great idea, but without a strong brand image to support this it can be hard to get that idea of the ground.

Lauren Armes, founder of Welltodo, talks to these four leading ladies on how they created their beautiful brands and the role is has had in their business growth and success.

Model, nutritionist, writer and entrepreneur Danielle Copperman is passionate about inspiring people to get in touch with their own nutritional and mental circumstances and needs, rather than letting them be lead by generic, widespread advice or following in others' footsteps. She set up her blog Model Mangetout to share natural recipes and accessible, realistic advice, and has since founded and curated an all natural holistic quinoa based breakfast brand, known as Qnola. free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar, Qnola products are suitable for vegan, paleo and free-from diets, but are naturally delicious and aren't just for people with dietary requirements. The collection of breakfast goods are fast becoming an essential part of peoples everyday breakfast routines the world over.

Friends for almost a decade, Daisy Kristiansen and Leah Garwood-Gowers met at a dinner party where they soon found they were the only ones laughing at each other's jokes. They founded The Hardihood in 2014 after boarding the sugar-free bandwagon towards a more vibrant lifestyle. They bought a basic blender, some nuts, dates and coconut oil and began experimenting with making raw desserts in their homes in Dalston. These days, inspired by modern alchemy, they create decadent, abundant, raw confectionery from their kitchen in Shoreditch. Their beautiful first book, Raw Cake, is out on the 9th February 2017.

Content Beauty founder, Imelda Burke, first became interested in using natural beauty products in the mid 90’s, as an alternative to the brands containing synthetic ingredients. Imelda’s interest lies in cultivating emerging brands and creating the market for showcasing the latest advances in natural and organic market sector. Her brand, Content Beauty, a boutique skincare store, naturopathic & acupuncture clinic, beauty salon and website specialises in wellbeing therapies and emerging results-driven niche brands. Content is regarded as London's leading organic and natural apothecary. Imelda is the author of ‘The Nature of Beauty’ and has been quoted in many publications including The Financial Times, Psychologies Magazine, Nylon Magazine and Time Out along with extensive online interviews and supplying trend report quotes for research companies.

Lauren Armes is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and business coach. Most recently, she founded Welltodo, a leading global resource for the wellness industry. Welltodo offers advisory and consultancy services to forward-thinking brands seeking to understand the current and future impacts of consumer thinking around wellness. Lauren also hosts Europe’s largest networking event series for start-ups, brands and investors in the wellness sector. She is a columnist for Women's Health and also been featured in Glamour, The Times, Evening Standard, Raconteur and more. 

HOW TO GET YOUR S*** SEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA With Snapchat business influencer Virginia Salas Kastilio: 15.00 - 15.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 15.00 - 15.45

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 22.27.29.png

Virginia Salas Kastilio is the world’s #1 Female Snapchat Business Influencer (Inc. Mag) who is known for growing her biggest social following on Snapchat itself, which is something only a few people in the world so far have achieved. After 5 years of working in Corporate IT at Apple and Oracle, she has dedicated herself fully to being a Snapchat Strategist. Virginia is currently launching the BBC's Snapchat channel in London. Her other clients include Nasdaq, the Heroics and Soulpancake to name just a few. She’s uncannily good at chicken impressions and enjoys contemporary dancing. 
Add her on Snapchat at: Ginicanbreathe

Fit for Life - Fit for Business: Guy Blakey, Founder of Pooch and Mutt 16.00 - 16.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 16.00 - 16.45

fit for life - fit for business

In 2011, Pooch & Mutt Founder Guy Blaskey was out of shape and running a small business with little growth and no real direction. Then, having never run a mile in his life, Guy was challenged to run a half marathon to raise money for a friend's charity. Following this gruelling experience Guy signed up for the London Marathon and ramped up his training and improved his lifestyle. Guy took the mentality of his new healthy lifestyle and training regime and applied it to his business.

Pooch & Mutt's healthy dog food recipes are based on concepts that Guy learnt while experimenting with sports nutrition in training, and learning about the power that nutrition has to help both humans and dogs lead happy, healthy lives.

Guy created a business plan for Pooch & Mutt based on the same principles as a marathon training plan. This plan has driven huge success with Pooch & Mutt growing over 440% in the last 3 years and currently being stocked in Tesco, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Amazon, Ocado and Pets at Home.

Guy has since gone on to complete 2x London Marathons, 7x Olympic Triathlons and a half Ironman and is now throwing himself into Crossfit.

Guy's philosophy is that a healthy business needs the directors to live a healthy life and his main piece of advice to improve your business is to run outside for at least 30 mins at least twice a week.