HOW TO GET YOUR S*** SEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA With Snapchat business influencer Virginia Salas Kastilio: 15.00 - 15.45

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Virginia Salas Kastilio is the world’s #1 Female Snapchat Business Influencer (Inc. Mag) who is known for growing her biggest social following on Snapchat itself, which is something only a few people in the world so far have achieved. After 5 years of working in Corporate IT at Apple and Oracle, she has dedicated herself fully to being a Snapchat Strategist. Virginia is currently launching the BBC's Snapchat channel in London. Her other clients include Nasdaq, the Heroics and Soulpancake to name just a few. She’s uncannily good at chicken impressions and enjoys contemporary dancing. 
Add her on Snapchat at: Ginicanbreathe