BODY IMAGE PANEL TALK: Mel Wells & Holli Rubin; hosted by Chessie King 12.00 - 12.45

FH INSPIRES: SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.45

body image panel talk

With Mel Wells, Health and Eating Psychology Coach and Holli Rubin, Psychotherapist and Body Image Specialist; hosted by Chessie King, Health and Fitness Influencer.

We are all knowledgable on how your health and wellbeing are affected by what you eat and how you move, but very few of us actually take into consideration how we think.

The psychology and mindset around our bodies, the food we eat and how we approach exercise are of equal importance when it comes to our health.

Chessie King, Health and Fitness Influencer and positive body image campaign, talks to experts in body image, Mel Wells and Holli Rubin about how our mindset can affect our health and why finding balance is crucial for your future happiness and health.

Mel Wells is a Health and Eating Psychology Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of The Goddess Revolution, published with Hay House. She dedicates her time to helping thousands of women worldwide ditch dieting for good, and love their bodies, while forming healthy relationships with food, far away from yoyo-ing or emotional eating. Mel also specialises in coaching women with disordered eating, emotional eating and body image, and runs Goddess Retreats at her home in Bali.

As featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, BBC Radio 1, Forbes, The Guardian and The Telegraph, Mel’s message is all about helping women to look beyond their nutrition – and focus on healing their entire mindset and psychology around food and their bodies, so they can find total freedom, live completely at peace with their food, and create the life of their dreams.

Holli Rubin is a psychotherapist and body image specialist who has dedicated her career to helping people feel more comfortable with how they look and who they are ultimately enabling them to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Be it working with adolescents going through puberty, fitness bloggers on managing body image discomfort online or new mothers adapting to their roles and new identity; Body image is the lens through which Holli helps her clients.

Chessie King is a London-based health and fitness influencer, presenter, creator of C.Krets, and popcorn fanatic! Infecting the social media world with her energy and smile, @ChessieKingg has earned herself over 73,000+ followers on Instagram alone with a current growth rate of over 4000 new followers per month. 2017 will see Chessie continue her social influence as well as hosting high profile events such as the UK Blog Awards.

2016 has seen the formation of Two Peas in a Bod. A collaboration with her friend and co-influencer Healthy Chef Steph. Taking the health and fitness world by storm, with their high energy workout videos, fitness tips, recipes and behind the scenes footage of their lives. Two Peas in a Bod have already started working on some incredible brand deals including becoming Brand Ambassadors for Nike Women and JD Women.