HOW TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL BRAND: Danielle Copperman, The Hardihood and Imelda Burke; hosted by Lauren Armes 14.00 – 14.45

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how to build a beautiful brand

with Danielle Copperman, founder of Qnola and Model Mangetout, Leah Garwood-Gowers and Daisy Kristiansen, founders of The Hardihood, and Imelda Burke, founder of Content Beauty.

It’s one thing to have a great idea, but without a strong brand image to support this it can be hard to get that idea of the ground.

Lauren Armes, founder of Welltodo, talks to these four leading ladies on how they created their beautiful brands and the role is has had in their business growth and success.

Model, nutritionist, writer and entrepreneur Danielle Copperman is passionate about inspiring people to get in touch with their own nutritional and mental circumstances and needs, rather than letting them be lead by generic, widespread advice or following in others' footsteps. She set up her blog Model Mangetout to share natural recipes and accessible, realistic advice, and has since founded and curated an all natural holistic quinoa based breakfast brand, known as Qnola. free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar, Qnola products are suitable for vegan, paleo and free-from diets, but are naturally delicious and aren't just for people with dietary requirements. The collection of breakfast goods are fast becoming an essential part of peoples everyday breakfast routines the world over.

Friends for almost a decade, Daisy Kristiansen and Leah Garwood-Gowers met at a dinner party where they soon found they were the only ones laughing at each other's jokes. They founded The Hardihood in 2014 after boarding the sugar-free bandwagon towards a more vibrant lifestyle. They bought a basic blender, some nuts, dates and coconut oil and began experimenting with making raw desserts in their homes in Dalston. These days, inspired by modern alchemy, they create decadent, abundant, raw confectionery from their kitchen in Shoreditch. Their beautiful first book, Raw Cake, is out on the 9th February 2017.

Content Beauty founder, Imelda Burke, first became interested in using natural beauty products in the mid 90’s, as an alternative to the brands containing synthetic ingredients. Imelda’s interest lies in cultivating emerging brands and creating the market for showcasing the latest advances in natural and organic market sector. Her brand, Content Beauty, a boutique skincare store, naturopathic & acupuncture clinic, beauty salon and website specialises in wellbeing therapies and emerging results-driven niche brands. Content is regarded as London's leading organic and natural apothecary. Imelda is the author of ‘The Nature of Beauty’ and has been quoted in many publications including The Financial Times, Psychologies Magazine, Nylon Magazine and Time Out along with extensive online interviews and supplying trend report quotes for research companies.

Lauren Armes is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and business coach. Most recently, she founded Welltodo, a leading global resource for the wellness industry. Welltodo offers advisory and consultancy services to forward-thinking brands seeking to understand the current and future impacts of consumer thinking around wellness. Lauren also hosts Europe’s largest networking event series for start-ups, brands and investors in the wellness sector. She is a columnist for Women's Health and also been featured in Glamour, The Times, Evening Standard, Raconteur and more.