NATURAL SUGARS by Stephanie Johnson 11.00 - 11.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 11.00 - 11.45

Natural sugars

The founder of healthy delivery service, Pollen & Grace, will discuss sugar - is it really as evil as we are repeatedly told?  What exactly is the difference between white sugar & coconut sugar?Are natural sugars really the healthier alternative and if so, which ones do we turn to?

POLLEN + GRACE is a healthy grab-an-go food company whose mission is to make vibrant healthy food easily accessible to the busy people of London.

 Australian-born foodie Stephanie is a trained chef with extensive knowledge and experience in the health food sector.  As an active and influential member of the London wellness scene; Stephanie continues to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

 Stephanie and POLLEN + GRACE create an ever-changing and innovative range of products that are nutritionally designed to make you feel the best you possibly can.




GRAINS EXPLAINED: Lily Soutter, Karen Collins & Dr. Hazel Wallace; hosted by Lorna Blount 12.00 - 12.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.45

Grains explained

with Dr. Hazel Wallace,  Karen Collins, founder of The Happy Tummy Co. & Nutritionist Lilly Soutter; hosted by Lorna Blount.

Is it just us or is all this conflicting dietary information we are fed sometimes a little bit muddling? Are you confused about which grains to eat when, how, who with and if at all?!  And gluten: is it really Public Enemy No. 1?

Come and hear a doctor, an IBS-sufferer-turned-baker and a qualified nutritionist put myths to bed and get right down to the grain of the matter.

Dr Hazel Wallace is the girl behind The Food Medic. Hazel is a qualified personal trainer, a health and fitness blogger and a full-time doctor working in central London. Hazel has combined her interests and expertise in medicine and nutrition to create her blog, and brand, The Food Medic. Her vision is to help dispel the common dietary myths, and instead encourage a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. 

Lily Soutter is a Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist providing one-to-one nutrition consultations for health optimisation. She has obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Human Nutrition from Newcastle University and a Nutritional Therapy diploma from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Lily's extensive knowledge of the science of food and health, enables her to regularly write for The Independent, The Daily Mail, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan.

Karen Collins, Founder of The Happy Tummy Co. managed to cure her lifelong, debilitating IBS four years ago through a wholegrain product that came out of two years of recipe development working with grains, nuts and seeds. Now having done the same for thousands of people all over the UK through her signature product - the Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaf - Karen is on a mission to rid the world of IBS. 

Lorna Blount is a world-renowned journalistwith more than a decade of experience in some of the world's most influential media organisations across the globe.

Previously at Sky News, she currently works at BBC World News in London as a multi platform producer and journalist. Passionate about health and fitness, she covers latest social media trends and developments in the industry. 

In her spare time, she travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas speaking, teaching and advising companies and journalists on how to make social news content on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. 




FUELLING YOUR FITNESS: Clean Eating Alice and Rhiannon Lambert 13.00 - 13.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 13.00 - 13.45

Fuelling your fitness

With food and fitness working hand in hand to keep us in peak condition, Rhiannon Lambert and Clean Eating Alice have witnessed the dramatic impact nutrition can have on performance.

If you really want to reach your goals, you not only have to train like a pro, you’ve got to eat like one too. While the wonders of fitness are endless from reducing anxiety to strengthening your heart, unless you’re eating right you are actively minimising every positive effect of being fit.

THE SOIL ASSOCIATION on Organic Food & Farming 14.00 - 14.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 14.00 - 14.45

Organic food

What’s it all about and what could it mean for me?

Organic food is food as it should be, produced without unnecessary chemicals or additives; the original Free from Food.  Find out more about why organic is the normal choice from the brands, chefs and wellbeing professionals who use it as part of their products and day to day life.

A interactive Q&A hosted by Clare McDermott, Business Development Director, Soil Association Certification with Tamara Arbib, founder and CEO Rebel Kitchen and others.

Soil Association Certification is the UK’s Food and Farming Charity working to support organic food production and ensure that everyone has access to good food.


IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN: Hilary Rowland (Boom Cycle), Paola Di Lanzo (Paola's Bodybarre) and Max Henderson (Hotpod Yoga); hosted by Chessie King 15.00 - 15.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 15.00 - 15.45

In a class of their own

with Hilary Rowland, BOOM Cycle Joint Founder, Paola Di Lanzo, Paola’s Bodybarre Founder, Max Henderson (Hotpod Yoga) hosted by Chessie King.

Last year was all about boutique fitness as people swapped offices for treadmill meetings and evenings at the pub for socializing at a spin class.

Chessie King speaks to these fitness founders about what’s behind the surge in pay as you go classes, how they started their business and where they see it moving in the future as well as their top fitness tips!

In 2009 Hilary Rowland moved to London full time to be with her now business partner and husband Robert.  A firm believer in having multiple passions, Hilary remained a model, but knew there was something else on the horizon. Keeping fit was one of her passions and she found that London lacked a sense of boutique concepts that champion what they do to the maximum-she had found her next calling - this is where BOOM Cycle was born. In 2011 raising funds through investment and personal capital, Hilary and Robert opened their first BOOM Cycle studio in Shoreditch, which was the first ever boutique spin studio in the UK.  Since then they have opened a further studio in Holborn and are looking to expand throughout London and the UK in 2017.

Paola Di Lanzo career in health and fitness began 25 years ago in Australia. After completing her degree in Physical and Health Education in 1991, her passion for fitness and nutrition led her to move on to personal training. Barre was something she loved and having attended numerous classes in both UK and Australia, she decided to create a succinct and efficient routine that combined all the best elements of what she had taught in the past, including Dynamic Pilates and ballet barre conditioning. The end result was Paola's BodyBarre. Paola’s unique method combines all the fitness disciplines into one and as her clients will testify, it’s a winning formula. This highly efficient, effective and results reaping workout will guarantee long, lean, chiseled muscles and a bottom lift like no other.

The method is currently available in all the PBB Pop-Ups, Royal Garden Hotel-High Street Kensington, Brunswick-Club Fulham, Karen Hardy Studios- Imperial Wharf, Hot Spot Yoga-Parson’s Green, Hot Yoga Society-London Bridge, Lorna Jane Covent Garden, Paola’s BodyBarre Wimbledon and at Private Members' Clubs Grace Belgravia, KX Gym Kensington, and the South Kensington Club

Max Henderson and Nick Higgins, co-founders of Hotpod Yoga, have a simple mission: to make the benefits of hot yoga accessible in as many ways (and places) as they can think of. They passionately believe in the transformative potential of yoga, and are finding innovative ways to take it to everybody. Thus; Hotpod Yoga was born. 

Max started London life as a strategy consultant, working with multinational corporations to improve the sustainability of their operations. Always an entrepreneur at heart, it was an easy leap to make when Hotpod Yoga began to take shape. With a late-blossoming love for yoga and a stint at London Business School under his belt, Max acts as Managing Director, and is as passionate as ever about the mission and the business that was launched in 2013.

Chessie King is a London-based health and fitness influencer, presenter, creator of C.Krets, and popcorn fanatic! Infecting the social media world with her energy and smile, @ChessieKingg has earned herself over 73,000+ followers on Instagram alone with a current growth rate of over 4000 new followers per month. 2017 will see Chessie continue her social influence as well as hosting high profile events such as the UK Blog Awards.

2016 has seen the formation of Two Peas in a Bod. A collaboration with her friend and co-influencer Healthy Chef Steph. Taking the health and fitness world by storm, with their high energy workout videos, fitness tips, recipes and behind the scenes footage of their lives. Two Peas in a Bod have already started working on some incredible brand deals including becoming Brand Ambassadors for Nike Women and JD Women.

NATIVE NOURISHMENT: Martin Morales, Olia Hercules & Uyen Luu

Main Stage: sunday 16:00 - 16:45

NATIVE NOURISHMENT: Martin Morales, Olia Hercules & Uyen Luu

We’re so pleased to welcome three chefs with roots in very different culinary landscapes. While they talk about their food heritage and the native ingredients that have inspired their cooking, Martin, Uyen & Olia will each create a dish that evokes their environments.

Martin is passionate about all things Peruvian.  He began his career as a pioneer of world music, a DJ and high-flying music exec before putting everything he had into opening Ceviche Soho.  The colourful and exotic style of his South American cooking was way ahead of the curve and he has gone on to open the wildly successful, Ceviche Old St, Andina and now his new restaurant Casita Andina.

Uyen has an incredible eye for style and composition.  Her photographs of food are arguably some of the best around and she styles, cooks and photographs for all of the country’s leading publications. Her cookbook “My Vietnamese Kitchen” is beautiful expression of her heritage and her love of Vietnam’s ingredients.

Food writer, chef & stylist, Olia was crowned The Observer’s “Rising Star of 2015. 

“I was born in Soviet Ukraine, spent my formative years in Cyprus, studied in Italy and have for the past twelve years been calling Britain my home”.

 With her first cookbook “Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine & Beyond” Olia dispels the myth that Eastern European cooking is grey and bleak.