NATURAL SUGARS by Stephanie Johnson 11.00 - 11.45

FH DISCUSSES: SUNDAY 11.00 - 11.45

Natural sugars

The founder of healthy delivery service, Pollen & Grace, will discuss sugar - is it really as evil as we are repeatedly told?  What exactly is the difference between white sugar & coconut sugar?Are natural sugars really the healthier alternative and if so, which ones do we turn to?

POLLEN + GRACE is a healthy grab-an-go food company whose mission is to make vibrant healthy food easily accessible to the busy people of London.

 Australian-born foodie Stephanie is a trained chef with extensive knowledge and experience in the health food sector.  As an active and influential member of the London wellness scene; Stephanie continues to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

 Stephanie and POLLEN + GRACE create an ever-changing and innovative range of products that are nutritionally designed to make you feel the best you possibly can.