READY STEADY COOK OFF! Natasha Corrett; hosted by Gaby Roslin

Main Stage: SATURDAY 11:00 - 11:45


Hosted by TV and Radio personality Gaby Roslin, Natasha will be given a bag of ingredients and very little time to create something unique and exquisite, all whilst being interviewed about her live, careers and, of course, her love of healthy cooking. We don’t ask for much at Fare Healthy. 

Best selling food writer Natasha is the original healthy eating blogger and food writer. As a pioneer in our industry, we feel indebted to her trend-setting brand, Honestly Healthy, and the wealth of delicious recipes and inspiring advice that she provides the world.


FOOD STORIES: Ella Mills talks to Martin Morales

MAIN STAGE: SATURDAY 12.00 - 12.45


Food Stories: Ella Mills is interviewed by Martin Morales

Over the past few years, we have watched Ella’s career grow at an astounding pace and her much-loved brand “Deliciously Ella” continues to surprise and excite her millions of followers.  There’s no stopping her!  Not only was her first book the fastest-selling debut cookbook of all time, her hugely popular Mae Deli is just opening its impressive second site and her new range of energy balls is bouncing into all our favourite shops.

We’re so excited to hear her in conversation with Peruvian chef Martin Morales, on our Main Stage.  Martin is the success story behind wildly popular Ceviche, Andina and now his new restaurant Casita Andina.


THE WASTE BAND - Dougie McMaster, Gill Meller, Tom Hunt & Justin Horne; hosted by Gaby Roslin

 MAIN STAGE: SATURDAY 13:00- 13.45


Not only are these four guys insanely talented chefs, they are also green giants, deeply focused on sustainability and tackling food waste, an issue increasingly in the public eye and one with great importance for our environment. Hosted by Gaby Roslin, Poco’s Tom Hunt, River Cottage’s Gill Meller, Silo’s Douglas McMaster and Tiny Leaf’s Justin Horne will discuss the paths they have taken to live and cook by a greener code. We can’t wait for this one.  

Tom is a real pioneer in the food waste game. His superb restaurant Poco just won ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ and his incredible ‘Forgotten Feast’ supper clubs are culinary masterpieces crafted exclusively from other people’s food waste. This man knows how to get the most out of his ingredients.

Gill is a bit of a hero of ours, having worked at River Cottage for more than ten years and now just releasing his stunningly beautiful debut cookbook, Gather. As well as the great work the River Cottage team have done bringing the negative aspects of industrial farming and large-scale food waste into the public conscience, Gill’s ethos of reflecting his surroundings in his cooking, taking inspiration from his landscape and locality, really resonate with the Fare Healthy mantra.

Douglas is a jaw-droppingly cool guy. As if it wasn’t enough to have restaurants like Noma, Faviken, Attica and St. John Bread & Wine on his CV, pioneering Douglas set up Silo in 2014, a zero waste restaurant serving outstanding cuisine, usually with vegetables at the epicentre of each dish. Restaurant critic Giles Coren has described Silo as a ‘brilliant, sexy, local, planet-conscious place’. What more could you want? From anything?

Justin really set the bar high when he set up Tiny Leaf at the start of this year. An all-vegetarian, zero-waste restaurant, the first of its kind in London, Tiny Leaf offered its clients fine-dining without the environmental cost. Justin’s desire to change the way the industry works and to offer a solution to our increasingly prevalent food waste issue is due high praise. 





MUM’S THE WORD: Melanie Sykes, Lily Simpson, Rosemary Ferguson & Pip Black; hosted by Sadie Reid

Main Stage: SATURDAY 14:00 - 14:45


We actually can’t quite believe the amount of talent on one stage with this talk! TV Presenter Melanie Sykes, The Detox Kitchen's founder Lily Simpson, Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson and Frame founder Pip Black are hosted by Sadie Reid, another Mum & founder of Hip & Healthy in an inspiring conversation about how they juggle running a business with one thing they all have in common – being mothers! The mind boggles. 

Melanie is one of the nation’s best loved TV presenters. Recently, she has become a bit of a shining light in the food and wellness world with her website focusing on lifestyle, fitness and healthy eating. She is also one of the fittest people we know and her dedication to exercise is laudable as a mother of two. 

The Detox Kitchen is one of our favourite London spots and we are so grateful to Lily’s genius for coming up with the idea. Her simple but completely delicious approach to fresh food and cooking from scratch delivers beautiful, healthy dishes to the tables of her delis and the mouths of A-Listers like Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow. This mum knows how to cook.

Rosemary is an exceptional nutritionist and food writer with a Harley Street clinic to her name. Her interest and subsequent expertise in food and nutrition began in her modelling days but is now the focus of her career and, of course, a central and important part of her role as a mum.

Pip co-founded Frame gyms with the aim of creating a more positive approach to health and fitness, ensuring that their diverse and innovative classes are as feel-good, energetic and fun-filled as Pip is herself!  There's no stopping those girls at Frame ... they've just launched Mumhood, their genius pre and ante-natal fitness classes.  Pip's inclusive and happy attitude to fitness and wellbeing really resonates with our own mission at Fare Healthy. We imagine her growing family loves it too. We are big fans. 









IN THE BLOG HOUSE: Izy Hossack, Saskia Gregson-Williams & Niomi Smart; hosted by Sadie Reid

MAIN STAGE: SATURDAY 15:00 - 15:45

We're in complete awe of the three girls speaking at this talk. With an average age of just 20, but a combined following reaching well into the millions, Izy Hossack, better known as Top with Cinnamon, Niomi Smart and Saskia ‘Naturally Sassy’ Gregson-Williams are powerhouses in the blogging world.  With expertise in everything from food, photography and lifestyle to fashion and even dance, Sadie Reid (Hip & Healthy) speaks to these ladies to get an insight into what it’s like to be young woman at the top of her game.

We’ve got a huge Instagram crush on Izy. Her food styling and photography is awesome and mature beyond her years. Then again, as a self-confessed ‘science nerd’, we have no doubt of her considerable brains. She already counts Jamie Oliver, Sainsburys, Vogue and Buzzfeed in her growing client base. Wow.

With over 1.6m YouTube subscribers and even more Instagram followers, Niomi Smart has garnered a popularity of which few of us have ever dreamed. But with her beautifully curated channels, stunning video and visual creations and a wealth of food and lifestyle advice, we’re not surprised.

Growing up as a talented ballerina, Saskia learnt to find a relationship with food that allowed her to train for up to 8 hours a day and feel strong and happy in her own skin. We absolutely stand by her philosophy that ‘there is no one-size-fits all answer for what we should eat, food should be a journey of personal discovery.’ We can’t wait to hear her story. Bravo Sassy!     

And as if it needs some icing on the cake, Sassy's sister Sadie Reid, founder of Hip & Healthy, will host the panel.





VALENTINE WARNER: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Main Stage: SATURDAY 16:00 - 16:45

Valentine Warner: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Cook, food writer and broadcaster Valentine Warner is one of the UK’s best-loved TV personalities. With nine BBC series and four sublime cookery books under his belt, Val is a man with a lot to say on food. In his talk, Val will focus on his core belief that food must always retain a sense of environment or place. He believes whole-heartedly in the essential interlinking between the natural world and the kitchen and that their separation will come at a great cost. Renowned as the cook without a kitchen, Val will share his great passion for making simple and delicious meals with few resources but a quick eye for what’s available. As a man who would generally prefer to be found in a field or holding a fishing rod, we are incredibly excited to welcome him to our Fare Healthy stage in the heart of London.   


FOOD STORIES: Madeleine Shaw; hosted by Venetia Falconer

Main Stage: SATURDAY 17:00 - 17:45


Madeleine Shaw is the go to Nutritional health coach of the moment. Her story is an inspiring journey, proof that our relationship to food is essential, not just for how we look but also how we feel and think. Madeleine recognises the power and influence that every morsel of food has on us and her recipes and advice convey this sincere knowledge, as well as being completely delicious, nutritious and affordable. 

Venetia Falconer speaks to Madeleine the three objects she has brought with her to illustrate her journey, one to evoke her past, one embodying her present and one to represent her dreams for the future.