THE WASTE BAND - Dougie McMaster, Gill Meller, Tom Hunt & Justin Horne; hosted by Gaby Roslin

 MAIN STAGE: SATURDAY 13:00- 13.45


Not only are these four guys insanely talented chefs, they are also green giants, deeply focused on sustainability and tackling food waste, an issue increasingly in the public eye and one with great importance for our environment. Hosted by Gaby Roslin, Poco’s Tom Hunt, River Cottage’s Gill Meller, Silo’s Douglas McMaster and Tiny Leaf’s Justin Horne will discuss the paths they have taken to live and cook by a greener code. We can’t wait for this one.  

Tom is a real pioneer in the food waste game. His superb restaurant Poco just won ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ and his incredible ‘Forgotten Feast’ supper clubs are culinary masterpieces crafted exclusively from other people’s food waste. This man knows how to get the most out of his ingredients.

Gill is a bit of a hero of ours, having worked at River Cottage for more than ten years and now just releasing his stunningly beautiful debut cookbook, Gather. As well as the great work the River Cottage team have done bringing the negative aspects of industrial farming and large-scale food waste into the public conscience, Gill’s ethos of reflecting his surroundings in his cooking, taking inspiration from his landscape and locality, really resonate with the Fare Healthy mantra.

Douglas is a jaw-droppingly cool guy. As if it wasn’t enough to have restaurants like Noma, Faviken, Attica and St. John Bread & Wine on his CV, pioneering Douglas set up Silo in 2014, a zero waste restaurant serving outstanding cuisine, usually with vegetables at the epicentre of each dish. Restaurant critic Giles Coren has described Silo as a ‘brilliant, sexy, local, planet-conscious place’. What more could you want? From anything?

Justin really set the bar high when he set up Tiny Leaf at the start of this year. An all-vegetarian, zero-waste restaurant, the first of its kind in London, Tiny Leaf offered its clients fine-dining without the environmental cost. Justin’s desire to change the way the industry works and to offer a solution to our increasingly prevalent food waste issue is due high praise.