With many thanks to our ☆ Partners ☆ at Fare Healthy 3

We are delighted to be one of the main sponsors at the third Fare Healthy festival in February. We will have a Jax Coco pop up bar with an exciting and delicious cocktail menu featuring both non alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails designed and created by our top mixologists. At Jax we have a passion for Healthy Living 24 hours a day but also maintain balance - which means we can also have fun! Our signature Coconut Water is not only fat free but doesn’t contain any unnecessary sugars found in traditional mixers. It works to replace your mineral stores and essential electrolytes, meaning it is the perfect healthy mixer so any party lover can enjoy their favourite cocktail with a clearer conscious!
— Jane Gottschalk, co-founder of Jax Coco
We are delighted to be sponsoring the cookery stage at the third Fare Healthy festival in February. We’re a brand that has long supported the promotion of health and wellbeing, from working with fantastic role models such as Natasha Corrett to cooking up original, feel-good recipes in our kitchens using the freshest ingredients, so it’s great to be part of an event that champions these values. 

With consumers placing a high emphasis on health and all things homemade, the Vitamix stage will be hosting exciting demonstrations from modern-day cooking icons including Niomi Smart, Tart London and Naturally Sassy, and showcasing our range of blenders, which are a versatile and durable addition to any kitchen.
— Karen Hicks, UK Marketing Manager for Vitamix