FH Moves: SUNDAY 13:00 - 13:45

“Wellness is a mind-set which requires constant attention and intention. Bodyism classes use revolutionary exercise techniques which are results driven to help you create a long, lean, beautiful, balanced body. The classes aim to develop clients wellbeing, inspire and transform.“

This is an exclusive opportunity to work out with the Bodyism team, outside their beautiful gym in Notting Hill.  This class is the blueprint for creating a long, lean, beautiful body. 

Starting with a shot of Berry Burn, it’s a holistic and form-focused class, which combines every aspect of the Bodyism movement philosophy.  The session highlights all the very best aspects of Bodyism training. With a strong focus on aligning movement and breath; the class fuses a perfect combination of movement preparation, yoga, functional movement and classical ballet. The mix of these elements will build strength, confidence and an overall sense of enhanced health and wellbeing.