JAMES DUIGAN: The Bodyism Blueprint

Main Stage: SUNDAY 10:00 - 10:45


James Duigan: sought-after personal trainer, founder of the beautiful Bodyism brand, husband, father, inspirational speaker and all round wellness expert, has long been the ‘King of Clean’.  With his wife, Christiane, they have been inspiring people to feel better with their “Clean & Lean” lifestyle, for over a decade.  He is the author of six internationally best-selling books, has trained a glittering line up of celebrities and most importantly is simply the nicest guy in the business.

At Fare Healthy this year, James will talk about the ‘Bodyism Blueprint’ and he will help you understand the importance of its four pillars and your connection to them. 

The Four Pillars are:


Throughout history, these four pillars have been respected. In fact, right now, living by these four pillars has never been more difficult. There are more ways to communicate than ever before, but we’ve never been lonelier, more food is being mass produced but we’ve never been more malnourished, there is more research about the importance of sleep than ever before but we’ve never been more sleep deprived and gyms are popping up on every street corner but we’ve never been less active.The Bodyism Blueprint is guided by the simple philosophy ‘be kind to yourself’. No superfood, trend or exercise class can do that for you but by making positive changes to these four areas of your life, your body and mind will notice the difference.


IN MINDFUL CONVERSATION with Jody Shield, Annie Clarke, Shona Vertue & Michael James Wong

Main Stage: SUNDAY 11:00 - 11:45

IN MINDFUL CONVERSATION: with Jody Shield, Annie Clarke, Shona VertuE & Michael James WonG

Jody, Annie, Michael & Shona are excited to host a conversation with you, the audience.  Come and listen to this inspiring talk – by signing up you will be invited by us to email a question in advance, (with obviously no pressure!) These questions will be examined by the panel who will then explore these themes on stage, uncovering the energy in the room.

Annie Clarke, the radiant London based yoga teacher and author of the massively popular blog Mind, Body, Bowl is an example to us all when it comes to health and wellbeing.  Annie wants to show you how to connect to yourself in her new book ‘Mind, Body, Bowl’, released on the 9th February and exclusively available to buy (5 days early!) in our bookshop.

Michael James Wong, “The Wellness Warrior”, is the absurdly talented guy behind the global phenomenon Boys of Yoga. An Inspirational speaker, international yoga teacher, writer, photographer & meditator, is there no end to his talent?  Michael, a leading voice in our modern wellness movement, is also the Founder and vision behind JUST BREATHE, a project bringing mindfulness to the masses and will host the talk.

Jody Shield's career is already an impressive catalogue of clients, collaborations & achievements.  Jody is reinventing the old fashioned notion of healing by speaking about spirituality in a relevant way, she believes you heal your modern woes by releasing the pains of your past. Meditation guide, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, writer & modern healer, her first book ‘LifeTonic’ is now available for pre order. 

The supremely hot Shona Vertue is a total "fitspiration" to us all.  The London based personal trainer and yoga teacher is now the creator of "The Vertue Method", her new workouts that are a fusion of yoga, weighted circuit training and meditation, designed to uplift both your soul and your butt.  She has combined her experience as a yoga teacher, gymnast and personal trainer "resulting in a workout that is healthy, holistic and seriously badass." 





THE POWER OF THE VEGETABLE: Skye Gyngell, Meera Sodha, Tom Hunt & Rosie Birkett

Main Stage: SUNDAY 12:00 - 12:45

The Power of the Vegetable: Skye Gyngell, Meera Sodha, Tom Hunt & Rosie Birkett (hosted by Rosie)

Vegetables are the new stars in modern cooking. The celebration of nature’s edible roots and leaves is borne out of a rise in vegetarianism and an increasing awareness of the negative effects of livestock farming on the environment. Mankind simply cannot sustainably continue to eat meat in such high quantities. Skye, Meera, Rosie and Tom are all fantastically talented chefs who specialise in glorifying the vegetable in their cuisine. In this talk, each of them will speak about their profound relationship with British produce, their dedication to seasonal cooking and their deep love of the finest fruits and vegetables.  

Skye is an Australian chef raised to appreciate the true value of raw materials in cooking. Her work at Michelin starred Petersham Nurseries, ‘the antithesis of a West End restaurant’ and her recently opened Spring is testament to her great understanding of the power of the vegetable in cooking. 

Meera was born in Lincolnshire to Ugandan Indian parents. Cooking is a huge part of her heritage and her love for her ancestors’ food and desire to keep their food traditions alive, led her back to mother’s kitchen to capture the recipes from her childhood. These family recipes were the inspiration for Meera’s first cookbook, Made in India, which was a top 10 best seller and was named a book of the year by The Times and the Financial Times. Her second book, Fresh India, published in July 2016, is a celebration of India’s love of vegetables.

Tom is a true pioneer in the food waste game. His superb restaurant Poco just won ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ and his incredible ‘Forgotten Feast’ supper clubs are culinary masterpieces crafted exclusively from other people’s food waste. This man knows how to get the most out of a vegetable. 

Rosie Birkett is a supremely talented cook, food journalist, food stylist and author who’s been writing about chefs, restaurants, and food since 2008. Her debut cookbook A Lot On Her Plate was published in 2015 to critical acclaim and her most recent book, a collaboration with the food photographer Helen Cathcart: East London Food, is an exploration of her neighbourhood’s diverse and exceptional food scene  Photo credit: Helen Cathcart.








BUSINESS STORIES: Ella Mills, Olivia Wollenberg & Pip Murray; hosted by Lauren Armes

Main Stage: SUNDAY 13:00 - 13:45

Business Stories: Ella Mills, Olivia Wollenberg & Pip Murray; hosted by lauren armes

Ever wondered about how to bring a successful product to market, how to build a happy team or how not to burn out running your own business?  Lauren speaks to Ella, Olivia & Pip about their highly acclaimed brands: Deliciously Ella & The Mae Deli, Livia’s Kitchen and Pip and Nut, respectively.  These health-tastic business-women, who need absolutely no introduction, will also talk about their journeys to success, what drives them forward every day and their dreams for the future.

Over the past few years, we have watched Ella’s career grow at an astounding pace and her much-loved brand “Deliciously Ella” continues to surprise and excite her millions of followers.  There’s no stopping her!  Not only was her first book the fastest-selling debut cookbook of all time, her hugely popular Mae Deli is just opening its impressive second site and her new range of energy balls is bouncing into all our favourite shops.

Olivia Wollenberg is the brains behind Livia’s Kitchen, a beautiful brand devoted to sweet treats with a nutritional twist. We love her vibe. Although all her produce and recipes are gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free, Livia’s Kitchen firmly believes it is more important to think about what a product is made with, rather than what it is free from. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Pippa Murray founded Pip & Nut off the back of one great love and one profound hate: peanut butter and energy gels. As a marathon runner, Pip did not like gels and energy bars routinely swallowed by runners both in training and on race day. Discovering that her all time favourite peanut butter did in fact have amazing nutritional value, she founded a brand that celebrates all things nutty while offering a nutritional energy kick. Turns out, EVERYONE loves peanut butter and her huge success is as much down to her beautifully natural and utterly delicious product as it is to her wonderful charm and personality. We’re so excited to welcome her to the main stage. 

Lauren Armes is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and business coach. Most recently, she founded Welltodo, a leading global resource for the wellness industry. Welltodo offers advisory and consultancy services to forward-thinking brands seeking to understand the current and future impacts of consumer thinking around wellness. Lauren also hosts Europe’s largest networking event series for start-ups, brands and investors in the wellness sector. She is a columnist for Women's Health and also been featured in Glamour, The Times, Evening Standard, Raconteur and more. 





FOOD STORIES: Skye Gyngell & Anna Jones; hosted by Camilla Barnard

Main Stage: SUNDAY 14:00 - 14:45


Masters of their culinary craft and experts in the world of healthy and vegetarian cooking, Skye and Anna will each bring three objects to talk about, one representing their past, one embodying their present and one evocative of their dreams for the future. Skye and Anna will talk to Camilla Barnard (Joint Founder of Rude Health) about all things cooking and what it’s like to be big hitting women in the food world. 

Skye is an Australian chef raised to appreciate the true value of raw materials in cooking. Her work at the hugely innovative, beautiful Michelin starred Petersham Nurseries and her recently opened Spring has rightly earned her an accolade as one of the top female chefs in the UK.  

Anna has an equally jaw-dropping CV. As Jamie Oliver’s former food stylist, writer and all-round creative guru, she now works independently as one of the most sought after food stylists in the country. Having worked with the likes of Ottolenghi and Carluccio, we are so excited to be welcoming her to the Main Stage. 

Camilla Barnard is Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Rude Health and a mother. In 2002, Camilla met her future husband and business partner Nick Barnard, then publisher and aerobatic stunt pilot. So strong was their mutual belief in the need to revolutionise the nation’s eating habits that Camilla and Nick, along with 2 neighbours, spent many a long evening creating their ultimate, healthy breakfast cereal. Rude Health was founded in 2005, the same year that Camilla and Nick moved house, got married and started a family. 10 years later, Rude Health makes 50 foods and drinks, which are sold throughout the UK and abroad.



BON APERTURE: Uyen Luu, Issy Croker & Nina Olsson; hosted by Hannah MacInnes

 Main Stage: SUnday 15:00 - 15:45

BON APERTURE: Uyen Luu, Issy Croker & Nina Olsson; hosted by hannah macinnes

These three can regularly make your jaw drop whilst surfing the gram!  No two ways about it, they’re at the top of their game when it comes to styling & photographing food. Hannah MacInnes speaks to them about their work, some of their favourite photos and photographers and share their expert tricks for capturing the best shots on your phone or camera.

Uyen has an incredible eye for style and composition.  Her photographs of food are arguably some of the best around and she styles, cooks and photographs for all of the country’s leading publications. Her cookbook “My Vietnamese Kitchen” is beautiful expression of her heritage and her love of Vietnam’s ingredients.

Issy Croker’s career has gone stratospheric in a pretty short space of time. At the tender age of 23, she is ridiculously talented & incredibly sought after. The food & lifestyle photographer travels the world with her work, bringing us with her through her clean, bright & delicious images.

We are so pleased to welcome Nina all the way from Amsterdam.  Chef, art director, stylist & photographer, Nina hails originally from Sweden which is apparent in her clean style.  Her website The Nourish Atelier has amassed millions of followers with its sensitively photographed, delicious recipes.




In Conversation with Nick Barnard & Eve Kalinik

Main Stage: sunday 16:00 - 16:45


Nick Barnard, founder of Rude Health and author of the inspiring Eat Right will talk with Nutritional Therapist & writer Eve Kalinik.

Nick’s brilliant book is not about fashionable dieting but about finding true nourishment and pleasure through real foods and drinks.  He outlines a modern approach to eating as our ancestors did, who enjoyed “an ever-changing, seasonal variety of natural ingredients that they then ate raw, cooked, sprouted, salted or fermented”.  In this talk, he will focus on that elusive subject: Good Fats & Bad Fats.  With so many mixed messages fed to us, we’ll hear an expert talk colourfully about what we really should be feeding ourselves.

Also an expert on what to feed oneself, fashionista-turned-Nutritional Therapist, Eve Kalinik has a brilliant understanding of science, the body and psychology.  She will join Nick to talk about her specialist subject of gut health. Eve’s book ‘Eat Well, How to have a Healthier, Happier Gut’ will be published in 2017.