In Conversation with Nick Barnard & Eve Kalinik

Main Stage: sunday 16:00 - 16:45


Nick Barnard, founder of Rude Health and author of the inspiring Eat Right will talk with Nutritional Therapist & writer Eve Kalinik.

Nick’s brilliant book is not about fashionable dieting but about finding true nourishment and pleasure through real foods and drinks.  He outlines a modern approach to eating as our ancestors did, who enjoyed “an ever-changing, seasonal variety of natural ingredients that they then ate raw, cooked, sprouted, salted or fermented”.  In this talk, he will focus on that elusive subject: Good Fats & Bad Fats.  With so many mixed messages fed to us, we’ll hear an expert talk colourfully about what we really should be feeding ourselves.

Also an expert on what to feed oneself, fashionista-turned-Nutritional Therapist, Eve Kalinik has a brilliant understanding of science, the body and psychology.  She will join Nick to talk about her specialist subject of gut health. Eve’s book ‘Eat Well, How to have a Healthier, Happier Gut’ will be published in 2017.