JAMES DUIGAN: The Bodyism Blueprint

Main Stage: SUNDAY 10:00 - 10:45


James Duigan: sought-after personal trainer, founder of the beautiful Bodyism brand, husband, father, inspirational speaker and all round wellness expert, has long been the ‘King of Clean’.  With his wife, Christiane, they have been inspiring people to feel better with their “Clean & Lean” lifestyle, for over a decade.  He is the author of six internationally best-selling books, has trained a glittering line up of celebrities and most importantly is simply the nicest guy in the business.

At Fare Healthy this year, James will talk about the ‘Bodyism Blueprint’ and he will help you understand the importance of its four pillars and your connection to them. 

The Four Pillars are:


Throughout history, these four pillars have been respected. In fact, right now, living by these four pillars has never been more difficult. There are more ways to communicate than ever before, but we’ve never been lonelier, more food is being mass produced but we’ve never been more malnourished, there is more research about the importance of sleep than ever before but we’ve never been more sleep deprived and gyms are popping up on every street corner but we’ve never been less active.The Bodyism Blueprint is guided by the simple philosophy ‘be kind to yourself’. No superfood, trend or exercise class can do that for you but by making positive changes to these four areas of your life, your body and mind will notice the difference.