IN MINDFUL CONVERSATION with Jody Shield, Annie Clarke, Shona Vertue & Michael James Wong

Main Stage: SUNDAY 11:00 - 11:45

IN MINDFUL CONVERSATION: with Jody Shield, Annie Clarke, Shona VertuE & Michael James WonG

Jody, Annie, Michael & Shona are excited to host a conversation with you, the audience.  Come and listen to this inspiring talk – by signing up you will be invited by us to email a question in advance, (with obviously no pressure!) These questions will be examined by the panel who will then explore these themes on stage, uncovering the energy in the room.

Annie Clarke, the radiant London based yoga teacher and author of the massively popular blog Mind, Body, Bowl is an example to us all when it comes to health and wellbeing.  Annie wants to show you how to connect to yourself in her new book ‘Mind, Body, Bowl’, released on the 9th February and exclusively available to buy (5 days early!) in our bookshop.

Michael James Wong, “The Wellness Warrior”, is the absurdly talented guy behind the global phenomenon Boys of Yoga. An Inspirational speaker, international yoga teacher, writer, photographer & meditator, is there no end to his talent?  Michael, a leading voice in our modern wellness movement, is also the Founder and vision behind JUST BREATHE, a project bringing mindfulness to the masses and will host the talk.

Jody Shield's career is already an impressive catalogue of clients, collaborations & achievements.  Jody is reinventing the old fashioned notion of healing by speaking about spirituality in a relevant way, she believes you heal your modern woes by releasing the pains of your past. Meditation guide, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, writer & modern healer, her first book ‘LifeTonic’ is now available for pre order. 

The supremely hot Shona Vertue is a total "fitspiration" to us all.  The London based personal trainer and yoga teacher is now the creator of "The Vertue Method", her new workouts that are a fusion of yoga, weighted circuit training and meditation, designed to uplift both your soul and your butt.  She has combined her experience as a yoga teacher, gymnast and personal trainer "resulting in a workout that is healthy, holistic and seriously badass."