BON APERTURE: Uyen Luu, Issy Croker & Nina Olsson; hosted by Hannah MacInnes

 Main Stage: SUnday 15:00 - 15:45

BON APERTURE: Uyen Luu, Issy Croker & Nina Olsson; hosted by hannah macinnes

These three can regularly make your jaw drop whilst surfing the gram!  No two ways about it, they’re at the top of their game when it comes to styling & photographing food. Hannah MacInnes speaks to them about their work, some of their favourite photos and photographers and share their expert tricks for capturing the best shots on your phone or camera.

Uyen has an incredible eye for style and composition.  Her photographs of food are arguably some of the best around and she styles, cooks and photographs for all of the country’s leading publications. Her cookbook “My Vietnamese Kitchen” is beautiful expression of her heritage and her love of Vietnam’s ingredients.

Issy Croker’s career has gone stratospheric in a pretty short space of time. At the tender age of 23, she is ridiculously talented & incredibly sought after. The food & lifestyle photographer travels the world with her work, bringing us with her through her clean, bright & delicious images.

We are so pleased to welcome Nina all the way from Amsterdam.  Chef, art director, stylist & photographer, Nina hails originally from Sweden which is apparent in her clean style.  Her website The Nourish Atelier has amassed millions of followers with its sensitively photographed, delicious recipes.