THE POWER OF THE VEGETABLE: Skye Gyngell, Meera Sodha, Tom Hunt & Rosie Birkett

Main Stage: SUNDAY 12:00 - 12:45

The Power of the Vegetable: Skye Gyngell, Meera Sodha, Tom Hunt & Rosie Birkett (hosted by Rosie)

Vegetables are the new stars in modern cooking. The celebration of nature’s edible roots and leaves is borne out of a rise in vegetarianism and an increasing awareness of the negative effects of livestock farming on the environment. Mankind simply cannot sustainably continue to eat meat in such high quantities. Skye, Meera, Rosie and Tom are all fantastically talented chefs who specialise in glorifying the vegetable in their cuisine. In this talk, each of them will speak about their profound relationship with British produce, their dedication to seasonal cooking and their deep love of the finest fruits and vegetables.  

Skye is an Australian chef raised to appreciate the true value of raw materials in cooking. Her work at Michelin starred Petersham Nurseries, ‘the antithesis of a West End restaurant’ and her recently opened Spring is testament to her great understanding of the power of the vegetable in cooking. 

Meera was born in Lincolnshire to Ugandan Indian parents. Cooking is a huge part of her heritage and her love for her ancestors’ food and desire to keep their food traditions alive, led her back to mother’s kitchen to capture the recipes from her childhood. These family recipes were the inspiration for Meera’s first cookbook, Made in India, which was a top 10 best seller and was named a book of the year by The Times and the Financial Times. Her second book, Fresh India, published in July 2016, is a celebration of India’s love of vegetables.

Tom is a true pioneer in the food waste game. His superb restaurant Poco just won ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ and his incredible ‘Forgotten Feast’ supper clubs are culinary masterpieces crafted exclusively from other people’s food waste. This man knows how to get the most out of a vegetable. 

Rosie Birkett is a supremely talented cook, food journalist, food stylist and author who’s been writing about chefs, restaurants, and food since 2008. Her debut cookbook A Lot On Her Plate was published in 2015 to critical acclaim and her most recent book, a collaboration with the food photographer Helen Cathcart: East London Food, is an exploration of her neighbourhood’s diverse and exceptional food scene  Photo credit: Helen Cathcart.