Fare Healthy Meets: Heloise @ Core Collective

The innovative Core Collective is a pay-as-you-go, high-tech, boutique fitness studio that breaks away from the often mundane conventional gyms and fitness routines. 
From their beautiful studios to the challenging, high-energy, upbeat classes - Velocity, Resistance, Accelerate and Power Yoga, that will really push you to your limits, Core Collective are switching things up in the fitness world.

We had a chat with CCโ€™s superwoman Heloise Nangle about her leading journey to the set up of Core Collective, the rise of creative, evolved fitness classes and her tips for keeping motivated!

Were you working in fitness before setting up the pioneering Core Collective? If not, what inspired your passion for a career in fitness and have you always been so health conscious? 
I've always had a great love of all sport which led my focus to being on lacrosse, tetrathlon and eventing horses, in which I ended up representing my country. After university I focussed on eventing and worked for two of the Australian team riders travelling Europe and competing with them for several years. Unfortunately, after a couple of years I had to retire from eventing and moved to London to work in the finance industry as a wealth manager. It was whilst doing this that Jason de Savary, a good friend, asked if I wanted to come on as his wing-man and help set up Core Collective and then head up the operational side of things once launched. It was a risk but literally the best decision of my life!

There seems to be an ever-growing number of boutique fitness destinations in London. What makes Core Collective so unique and sets you apart from the rest? 
The work outs are effective. Our 3 flagship classes have been designed to complement each other and they actually produce results. We only hire the best trainers and the atmosphere is unpretentious and accessible to all levels. 

Why do you think fitness classes are growing more and more popular, as opposed to conventional gym going? 
This harks back to them being a more efficient and effective way to work out. People's time is a limited resource and so within 45 mins we enable you to fully work out your body under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer. A lot of people who go to the gym often end up feeling lost and frustrated because it's hard to motivate yourself and they lack the knowledge of how to effectively train. 

In between gym sessions and fitness classes itโ€™s hard to stay motivated. What are your go-to exercises to do at home or outdoors? 
Calisthenics is my go to training style and I am part of the growing community of street workout. I love to spend my free time at the weekends training at the workout bars in Kennington and Stockwell where there is always others doing the same. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and it inspires you to train harder or to give that new move a go.  
I think staying motivated is just about finding something that you like to do that keeps you active - make it social, go and play a game of tennis with friends instead of heading straight to the pub (that should come after!), go bouldering, try skateboarding or simply just go for a walk and catch up with a friend. There are so many activities out there that I believe everyone can find something that keeps them moving. 

What are the most common mistakes that can easily be avoided when trying to keep fit? 
Lack of sleep. If you are tired it is actually better to miss a training session, rest and to get a good nights sleep. This actually makes you leaner in the long run. 

What can we look forward to seeing next from yourself and Core Collective? 
More locations around London!!

My happy place is: Zinkwazi beach, South Africa
My intentions for the next few months are: To rest more and to take time to relax. I never really sit down. Also to learn how to kite surf!
At the moment, I am:
Reading - The latest Jilly Cooper, Mount. 
Eating - Biltong (I'm obsessed)
Wearing - Lululemon
Worrying about - Where I can go to get my nails done now that the salon next to CC has shut down and they were the best!
Dreaming about โ€“ The holiday to Zanzibar that I have just booked for February. I love to travel and am dragging a friend with me there to have an intensive week of kite surfing tuition.
Feeling grateful for - Jason de Savary for giving me this opportunity with Core Collective and for being able to return to the fitness industry, I could not love my job more. It may sound standard but also my friends and family. I really am exceptionally lucky and they could not be more supportive. Oh and FAB ice lollies - Life is better because they exist!