Casita Andina

     Mango, Chia and Chicha Pot:  Mango and chia pudding, fresh mango salsa and chicha morada granita


Mango, Chia and Chicha Pot: Mango and chia pudding, fresh mango salsa and chicha morada granita

Casita Andina (“The Little Andean House”) is the newest restaurant from Ceviche founder and superbly talented chef Martin Morales.  It's opening in Soho, London at the end of this month and frankly, we're chomping at the bit!  Born in Peru, but having lived in Britain for the last 30 years, Martin is a pioneer of Peruvian food in Britain. He is passionate about sharing all things Peruvian and his restaurants, indeed the man himself, embody all the liveliness and spirit of Peru's culture.

Casita Andina is inspired by Peruvian ‘picanterias’: family-run, traditional restaurants which serve the local community and travellers and in which Martin grew up eating.

Dishes will include Lamb Loin in Coriander and Beer Sauce, Grilled Salmon Escabeche, Crispy Aubergine with Uchucuta Herbs, Chupe Style Prawns, and Ceviche Casita with sustainable sea bass, limo chilli tiger’s milk, avocado cream and sweet potato.

The menu also includes dessert of Choco Sauco, a melt-in-the-middle Peruvian chocolate with an elderberry gel and chocolate coated amaranth.

“In the last two years my team and I have travelled to Peru several times to deeply research regional Andean dishes, drinks and ingredients as well as history, art and traditions. From this we have created Casita Andina inspired especially the city of Cusco and its traditions, some of which date back hundreds of years. We want to celebrate its food but also the textile legacy of the Andes of Peru. So through our dishes, art and design this will be a key theme running through it” says Martin.

We're excited.  Two weeks and counting!

Casita Andina opens 28th July 2016, 31 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7LP