Skye Gyngell's Past, Present & Future


Back in February, on our Main Stage at Fare Healthy, we asked our guests to bring in and talk about three objects – one to represent their past, one their present and one that symbolises their dreams for the future.

We loved their answers, so have decided to carry on asking people.  In her interview with Anna Jones, gorgeous Skye Gyngell chose to bring in three books that have shaped and guided her... It's so cool to find out what inspires the inspiring ... we know what's on our Christmas list!

Skye remembers how much Ruth Rodgers & Rose Gray supported her when she first started at Petersham Nurseries.

“The first River Cafe Cookbook. I love its strength and modernity - almost 20 years later it still seems completely fresh.”

Chez Panisse is an iconic Californian restaurant, opened in 1971 by Alice Waters.  They were pioneers in the "slow food" movement, celebrating the ingredient over the technique.

“Chez Panisse… I have owned it for as long as I can remember. I find both the photography and the recipes truly inspiring and timeless.”

Another Californian institution, Zuni Café opened in 1979 in San Francisco.  Its chef Judy Rodgers, who had also worked as Chez Panisse, set out to use the best of Californian produce to create a brave, new Euro-influenced menu, many dishes from which remain unchanged.

“The Zuni Cafe Cookbook - for its sheer grace and elegance.”