We got to know one of the country's favourite fresh produce delivery services and can't WAIT to see them at Fare Healthy in 2017. Here's what we found out:

·         Why do you think we should be buying organic?

Well, there’s loads of good reasons and here’s just some. Choosing organic helps to avoid potentially harmful pesticides, it means supporting the highest animal welfare standards there are. Organic animals are truly free ranging, enjoy an organic diet and are free from routine use of antibiotics or hormones. It’s also better for the environment and wildlife. There’s up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms and organic farming works with nature to reduce greenhouse emissions from agriculture as well as protect fresh water and our soil.


·         What is in season at the moment and what should we be eating? What is the ‘star’ vegetable of the moment?

Oooh, that’s a tricky one – you can’t ask veg enthusiasts to pick their favourite now can you? We’re big believers in eating the seasons at Abel & Cole so we’re tucking into some fantastic seasonal gems like “veg from outer space” kohl rabi, curly kale, beautiful romanesco cauliflower, and a whole festival of squash, to name just a few. And on the fruit side of things we’re indulging in our main squeeze of the moment, blood oranges.


·         A&C delivers organic veg all over the country. How far and wide do you travel? How do you expand as a business when delivering locally produced goods?

Doing our bit to look after the environment is a big part of who we are, it’s why we never air freight anything we sell. We also plan our deliveries with eco routes (less miles, more smiles) at the heart of it all. It means less vans on the road and less time they’re going to and fro. For this reason we’re not in every neck of the woods, although it’s really easy to check which day of the week we’re in an area on our website.


·         Do you have confused customers about your more unusual veg? Do you think they are becoming more educated about the more ‘exotic’ veg?

We’ve always celebrated the eccentrics of the veg world and do our best to help vegucate our veg boxers on some of the more unusual bits and bobs.  We give all the tips and tricks you’ll ever need with the help of our What on Earth recipe cards that we pop into boxes and even more recipes on our website.


Looking forward: we can’t wait for next week. What can we expect from your stand next week?

Expect to meet some people that are bonkers about good organic food, a freebie or two if you’re lucky and to see what we have in store over the next little while. Even better, we’ll be running a prize draw for five people to win one of our Nourishing Bowl Recipe Boxes.


·         Anything else you’d like to add?

We’d love to see you over at our adopted Veg HQ on the day, so please do pay us a visit to chat veg, organic food or the weather – we love all three. Even better, we’ll be running a prize draw for five people to win one of our Nourishing Bowl Recipe Boxes.